The Advisory Board / Volunteer Members for Florida Recruiters is responsible for setting the overall strategy and direction for the community, in addition to setting content and agendas for our events and conferences.


 President & Community Leader

 Jason Buss


When he’s not recruiting or addressing issues like global warming or complaining about winter, Jason has been known to quote lines from some of his favorite movies, including “Office Space”, “The Devil Wears Prada” and “The Wedding Crashers”.

With 20 years of human resources and talent acquisition leadership experience, Jason Buss is a recognized expert with deep experience in identifying, recruiting and hiring high-performing teams. He is the head of global talent acquisition and diversity for New Relic.

And as the founder of the Recruiters Network, he serves as the president and community leader for several of the nations largest and most active regional recruiting communities including Minnesota Recruiters, California Recruiters, Florida Recruiters, Wisconsin Recruiters, Michigan Recruiters and Oregon Recruiters.

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Advisory Board Members

Geoff Peterson

photo of Geoff Petersen on FLRecruiters.comGeoff Peterson is Chief Sourcer for Sourcing Supply, a provider of monthly sourcing subscriptions for name generation and talent sourcing. Prior to Sourcing Supply, Geoff was Manager, Sourcing & Recruiting Operations for TriNet, a technology provider of SaaS cloud-based HR services for small businesses. Geoff also was formerly the Director of Recruiting and Talent Management Consultant for General Lead, where he worked with Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, IBM, UnitedHealth Group, Disney, PwC and ADP on a variety of talent management, recruiting and talent sourcing projects.
Geoff is a frequent recruiting and HR industry speaker at ERE Expo, SHRM, recruitDC and Minnesota Recruiters, and is the author of The Sourcer’s Playbook, a 181-page visual guide to finding talent online.

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Anna Brekka

Photo of Anna Brekka on FLRecruiters.comAnna Brekka is the Director of Recruitment Services for MPG and is responsible for developing and branding MPG’s local jobs board by creating and supporting user friendly job portals, offering relevant as well as effective recruiting solutions and insight for both job seekers and hiring managers.
Anna is an experienced marketing, events and network manager and team leader with a passion for creating brand awareness. She has a successful track record developing, designing and improving product and service offerings while building brands based on relevant and current topics through online content marketing, e-news, webinars and conferences. Anna has the ability to engage industry speakers, pundits, practitioners and writers to produce relevant and meaningful content for lead generation and event ROI. She’s known for facilitating learning and networking opportunities for talent acquisition team leaders, corporate sourcers and recruiters enabling them to find the best possible tools and resources to meet their talent objectives.

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Chris Gasparro

Photo of Chris Gasparro on FLRecruiters.comAs the Vice President, Digital Operations at Findly, Chris Gasparro leads a cross-functional team spanning the company’s software and agency services for one of its largest clients. In this role, Chris draws heavily from his nearly 20 years of experience in the digital space, including strategy, project management, and software implementation.
Chris broke into the recruitment marketing industry with Bernard Hodes Group in 2006 and held roles in digital consulting and operational management within the agency prior to its acquisition by Findly in 2013. Regardless of the specific role, his super power has been the ability to communicate what has become increasingly complicated technology in a way that non-technical people can understand. Prior to joining Hodes, Chris worked for tourism content publisher, Miles.

Originally from New Jersey, Chris moved to Vermont and later earned a BA in Communications from Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH. The transplanted New Englander has been in the Sarasota area since 2003. When he’s not working – and sometimes when he is – he is thinking (some would say obsessing) about golf or sports in general. Chris is still trying to get over his 5 year old daughter’s recent announcement that she is a Yankees fan – because she likes the pinstripes.

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Advisory Board seats require a 24 month commitment and focus on the recruiting community. If you are interested in becoming a future Advisory Board Member, please contact us »

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